Subscription Terms and Conditions

Provider of service/product is ‘Connect Online Services’ referred to in these terms as ‘COLS’. Receiver/purchaser of service is referred to as ‘Client’.

Subscriptions services relate to WordPress website malware/virus monitoring and/or WordPress website cloud backup services. Details of the Subscriptions on offer can be found on this page.

A – General Terms

  1. The product and service offered to Client by COLS is a combination of a leased software module(s) and specific support and configuration services.
  2. Leased software remains in place on Client website during the course of an active subscription and must be removed one the subscription expires or is cancelled. In agreeing to terms of this Subscription service, Client agrees to allow COLS administrative access to the WordPress control panel for the purpose of installing and configuring software on commencement of service, and for disabling and removing software on cessation of service.
  3. An active subscription requires prepayment for one year or on a month by month basis. Renewal notifications will be emailed to Client 5 days prior to renewal. if renewal amount remains unpaid for 7 days or more, COLS reserves the right to terminate the contract and remove software from Client website, as stipulated in #2 above.
  4. Backup files will be deleted on cancellation of service, both through a proactive cancellation and through non-payment of renewal fees.

B – Liability

  1. The Client shall defend, indemnify and hold COLS, its officers, officials and employees harmless from any and all claims, injuries, damages, losses or suits including attorney fees, arising out of or in connection with the services offered here.
  2. COLS accept no responsibility for down-time or any other matter arising from the use of this software/service.


C – Guarantees / Refunds

  1. COLS will refund all monies payed in connection with this service should it be determined that the software/system is incompatible with the Client website.
  2. No refund is offered once the software is installed and functioning as intended by its design.
  3. No refund is offered for any unused portion of any service as a result of client’s early cancellation.

D – Termination of Contract

  1. COLS requires 10 days prior notice of intent to cancel any monthly or annual contract.
  2. Subscriptions will be re-billed once payment is due and unless prior written cancellation notice has been served by Client as stipulated in D1 above, the payment will not qualify for refund as stipulated under section C3.