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The Challenge

To create a 21st Century solution to the outdated ‘Affiliate Marketing’ model, a solution empowering a network of active sales representatives operating both on and off the Internet – a model where Independent Sales Reps can represent the Company products/services on a commission-only basis, at the same time building a tangible business for themselves.

Create a sophisticated empowerment system where Sales Reps receive a broad range of easy-to-use technology based marketing tools, allowing them to represent the products widely through social media channels and other outlets, and have it be no more difficult to use than running a basic Facebook account.

Create tiered systems of commission where Sales Reps can sponsor other Sales Reps and receive bonus commissions based on sponsored sales.

Create an environment of autonomy where Sales Reps can build a genuine business in their own name, yet have all independent spokes of the wheel controlled and regulated seamlessly by the central administrative hub.

Creative a semi-autopilot driven system with the potential to go viral across all social media channels in a way which is self-propagating – thus minimize administrative and marketing effort by the main Company.

Above all, create a system where sales reps are secure in the knowledge that they cannot easily be circumvented and cut from the commission loop. Nothing is more of an impediment to rep recruitment and rep performance than the outdated affiliate model, which tracks and credits an average of only 55% of all sales back the the referring affiliate.


The Solution

Package a series of core software products based on WPMU and WHMCS technology, using a bespoke framework to drive a modular system of WordPress Plugins and Components.

Utilizing mostly stock components COL Svcs was able to create the ConnectSRMS™ system with the ability to run on any Apache based platform supporting WordPress Multi-User with unlimited sub-domain utilization. It is not necessary to run ConnectSRMS™ on an in-house server platform, it can run on most business hosting plans supporting eCommerce and unlimited sub-domains.

ConnectSRMS™ is deliverable and configurable to provide its functionality to a wide range of business types. Any business looking to expand their reach through the recruitment of commission based Sales Representatives is a candidate for ConnectSRMS™.

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Power An International Sales Force with Connect SRMS

Mobile Compatible – Reps Take ConnectSRMS™ Anywhere!

Product Information at Your Fingertips

The key to supporting any Sales Operation is providing up-to-date product information whenever they need it and wherever they are in the World. With ConnectSRMS™ product data can be updated in real-time across the entire sales network.

Built From The Ground Up!

From our extensive sales and marketing experience, our long history of developing powerful eCommerce solutions, and our understanding of the practical aspects of operating a growing business, we were able to develop ConnectSRMS™ as the perfect solution for any business looking to utilize the Independent Sales Rep (or similar) model.

New Ideas In Motion

The first of a new generation of Affiliate Programs, without the stigma attached. A full Sales Rep recruitment and support system developed from the ground up.

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  • Commission Based Sales Increase – 375% 375%
  • Website Traffic Average Increase – 450% 450%
  • Conversion Rate Metrics – 75% 75%

The Results Are In

With ConnectSRMS™ now powering businesses in the US and with reports of quadrupled online sales revenues, we can say categorically that ConnectSRMS™ is a success!


What Will ConnectSRMS™ Do For You?

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Sales Representative Recruitment and Management System – ConnectSRMS™

Our new product, ConnectSRMS™, came to life in 2013 when we developed the framework for a collaborative project with FishGillz Inc.

Following almost five years of extensive development, market research and real-world operation, we are proud to offer ConnectSRMS™ as a standalone product available on the WPMU platform.

On the surface, ConnectSRMS™ sits on top of a straightforward eCommerce website. Underneath, ConnectSRMS™ is a complex commission based sales-rep recruitment, management and product ordering system.

The system is based on WordPress Multi-User software, and uses Marketpress to manage online sales.

In simple terms, ConnectSRMS™ is a sophisticated rep management product which allows for the recruitment and management of nationwide and international product sales representatives (Generally classified as Independent Contractors).

Following a simple registration procedure, reps are equipped with all of the marketing tools and technology to promote the products/services of the company, and receive commissions based on direct sales.

Each Rep can create an account at the website and gain access to their own product marketing website, cloned from the main company website but customizable by the Rep. From there the Reps can –

  1. print personalized business cards, flyers and brochures, all retaining the Company image/brand
  2. update their ConnectSRMS™ website with custom contact information and page content
  3. create and administer their own ConnectSRMS™ web-blog
  4. optionally map their own domain name to their new ConnectSRMS™ website
  5. promote their ConnectSRMS™ website automatically with social media friends, followers, groups and fan pages
  6. manually input sales orders directly into the ConnectSRMS™ system
  7. send visitors to the ordering system on their own ConnectSRMS™ website, where end-user orders can be placed
  8. create email lists and setup autoresponders to follow up automatically with leads
  9. receive and manage new sales leads provided by HQ
  10. track all sales and referrals online in real-time
  11. receive instant commissions on all generated sales
  12. enlist new reps for a share of the enlisted rep’s future sales commissions

And much more.

The main stumbling block of the traditional affiliate marketing model is tackled head-on with ConnectSRMS™

1 – Lost referrals / leads / commissions.

In the case of most affiliate programs, the affiliate links point the visitor back to a company website where orders can be placed online. In this simple scenario the software tracks the activity and applies the appropriate credit to the affiliate’s account. But what happens when the visitor decides to phone-in the order? How is the commission tracked then?

It’s simple – it isn’t.

And what happens when the visitor clicks on a rep/affiliate link using a smartphone, then returns later to place an order from a tablet or PC? Again, the referring rep loses the sale.

With ConnectSRMS™ our system creates an environment where the rep/affiliate goes one on one with his/her lead. All of the information encountered by the lead is presented without a direct path to the main vendor or manufacturer, thus the sales rep is credited for his/her efforts in bringing the lead to the table.

Each sales rep is master of their own domain and as long as our recommendations are followed the rates of successfully tracking and crediting referrals are an impressive 98%.

Yet at the same time the company owner retains full integrity of the brand and the verbiage used to market the brand. We don’t turn the important job of closing an online sale over to an affiliate who might not be adequately equipped to describe the intricacies of what’s on offer. As company owner, you do the selling and the affiliate provides the leads/customers.

2 – Blocked Marketing Channels

The traditional affiliate model has become heavily stigmatized to the point where it’s generally unacceptable to post affiliate links in most of the potentially lucrative online channels.

Affiliate links are generally blocked/removed from –

  1. Blogs
  2. Forums
  3. Chat rooms
  4. Facebook Groups
  5. Facebook Fan Pages
  6. Stumbleupon/Reddit and all of the popular SM outlets
  7. Articles
  8. Press releases

Basically, wherever you want to go to market a product online using an affiliate link you’re going to with meet stiff opposition.

With ConnectSRMS™ we’re not running an affiliate program. Our sales reps have their own businesses, their own websites, their own domains. There’s nothing on the surface indicating or suggesting that they are an affiliate representing a product or service. Thus their posting into popular forums and social media outlets is met with little or no resistance, meaning thousands (potentially millions) more eyeballs for your products or service.


With ConnectSRMS™ you have the capacity to put your rep recruitment and management on virtual autopilot.

ConnectSRMS™ delivers product information, sales and marketing training, branded stationary, leads, follow-ups and much more to incentivize and motivate your Independent Contractor sales force.

For home-based entrepreneurs and internet savvy marketers, ConnectSRMS™ is the Affiliate Program for the 21st Century. Your home-based reps can build a real Internet business selling your products to end-users through blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIN, via email and more. They can even generate organic sales leads through SEO with their ConnectSRMS™ powered storefront and web-blog.

For the savvy sales rep working with more traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ clients, ConnectSRMS™ provides instant access to everything needed to represent, market and sell the company products to retailers.

To learn more about our proprietary ConnectSRMS™ system and how it can work for your business, contact us today! (Pricing for fully equipped system, including training and rep support, starts at $15K)

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