If you have a product or products which you’d like to sell through the Amazon.com marketplace, or perhaps you already have an Amazon seller account but sales are slow, contact Connect Online Services today!

We’ve recently completed the first round of extensive testing on a new marketing system we’ve developed specifically for Amazon marketplace, and the results are astounding. We’re seeing an initial ten fold increase in product sales within 3 weeks of launching a new marketing campaign and sales are continuing to soar.

How does it work? It’s a lengthy process of feeding the Amazon search algorithm with exactly what it wants to see in order to catapult your product to the top of the search results. Our system is completely transparent and does not involve any black hat techniques.

Expect an initial investment north of $5k to be repaid in around 1-2 months. Every Amazon seller has the potential to reach $200k + per month, learn how we can help you over-achieve as an Amazon seller.

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