It’s no secret that we’ve all become a little more technically proficient over the years, since the advent of the world-wide-web. Some of the websites we navigate through require more than just a basic level of technical ability, sending HTML emails, managing social media, setting up LinkedIn accounts etc, has stretched the envelope when it comes to the technical competency of the public at large.

So it’s not unreasonable, under certain circumstances, to want to ‘go it alone’ and try a DIY approach to getting your business, or business concept on the web.

While it may seem counter-intuitive for a company specializing in website design to provide DIY resources, we’re really not averse to doing so.

So if you’d like to try to get your website setup yourself, we at least want to see to it that you chose the right platform – Shopify

Shopify offer the most intuitive and user-friendly system for launching a eCommerce website, at the same time making it scale-able and affordable.

We fully endorse their eCommerce platforms and furthermore we’ll provide technical help to you if you go down the Shopify route and run into issues which are outside of the scope of the Shopify tech support team. We’ll provide our technical expertise and many years of Shopify knowledge at the low cost hourly rate of only $35/hr, if you’ve signed up for service via one of our Shopify Links – Sign Up Here