Joomla Website Design

Why consider Joomla as the platform for website design?

First you need to have a think about what you want from your website and how you plan to operate it. Here are a few things to consider before deciding on a website design platform –

  • What are you going to do with your site, primarily? – A blog, sell a product, build a community, provide a service?
  • What is your skill level, could you do your own website design updates, your own basic content updates, or do you need to get someone to do all of it for you?
  • How many pages of content do you plan to have?
  • How often will your site be updated?
  • Do you need to leave the door open for a future change in direction?
  • Do you regularly change layouts and color schemes?
  • Do all of the pages on your website have the same basic template – header, navigation, sidebars, footer or do they need to change from page to page?

So there are a few website design consideration to think about, now lets take a look at some of these and how they might impact your choice of Joomla, WordPress, ASP or Html.

Website Function

Clearly there are many functions for a website, and not all of them will lend themselves well to Joomla. For example, if my primary activity were blogging, I’d almost certainly go with WordPress for my website design software. If I was heavy into Internet Marketing, I might also choose WordPress since it tends to have more available plugins to support web marketing functions. If I were running an membership site, and article directory or perhaps a social community, then I’d need to look at some of the specifics of what I want to achieve before deciding on a website design platform.

Skill Level

Joomla is a ‘content management system’ and the idea is that it’s easy (relatively) for website owners to manage and update their own content. Some ultimate flexibility and performance is sacrificed in this requirement for ease of use and ease of maintenance, so if you don’t plan to do your own updates, why restrict your options with something like Joomla CMS ?

That isn’t to say that many professional website design companies don’t use Joomla as their default option, they do, but if DIY updates isn’t on your list of requirements you should have an open mind about your choice of design software, HTML or ASP might be better options.

How big is your site, how many pages?

Many sites operate with a dozen or less pages, in many cases it’s hard to justify Joomla for these smaller sites. But not all. There may be some specific function which Joomla, or a Joomla Plugin/component provides which justifies the selection. So again, you need to sit down with someone in the know and discuss the specifics.

The last point to cover is the page format or layout. Some websites change their layout from page to page. It may be a different header logo or something mor complex like a navigation layout change. These things are possible with Joomla but it requires a higher level of skills. HTML design with something like Dreamweaver might lend itself better to these types of scenarios than does Joomla.

So map out what you want to achieve with your website and sit down and discuss your options with someone who can represent the different options available and help you make the right choice.

There’s nothing worse than going down a certain path with website design then having to do a ‘U’ turn down the line.